Paige and Aaron took advantage of our 2018  SCOTLAND PASSPORT trip for their Isle of Skye, Scotland elopement. This is the first time the three of us have ever been to Isle of Skye and Scotland, and it did not disappoint.
I scouted out locations for us a few days before leading up to their elopement. After doing a lot of research, I came across I felt as the perfect location for these two to read their vows. It took a little hiking in mud, crossing a river, dodging sheep poop, and hiking a cliff to get to this point, but it was beyond worth it. We headed out just before sunrise to get to the overlook. As we arrived, the sun was just staring to peek through the clouds, and a beautiful glow would light the two of them up, right where I had planned on them to stand. The dark clouds, with the illuminating sun, made for some extremely dramatic, yet breathtaking images.
After their ceremony, we made the hike back to the campervan, where we would travel around the island, hitting all the perfect spots where we have mapped out prior. The wind was insane, getting lunch seemed to impossible, but the next few hours was magic. We literally waterfall searched, walking through cow pastures on private land, coming across the perfect little nook to capture some images.
To end their adventure, we took the hike up to Old Mann Storr. This is a hike i have been wanting to do the whole time I was on the Island, but weather was permitting me to go. I was beyond stoked, that these two would take the hike up to end the day in their formal wear. The hike was steep and muddy, but you couldn’t ask for more of a beautiful view. This is where these two would have their first dance, take in the views, and really get to enjoy the scenery around us.
I am beyond honored that these two chose to go with me to Scotland and capture their day. It was a once and a lifetime experience that I (and i’m sure them as well) will never forget!
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