Before we chose to have Lindsey & Luke’s Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session at this location, we had multiple other places where we were going to shoot. Our first location would have been just as beautiful, but we found out a few days prior that the road was closed due to snow. The three of us weren’t up for hiking miles into the location with knee deep of powder. When we found out this scenario, so I threw out the option to have their Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session. After looking at the weather, it said it was going to rain for the day, so we started to search for other locations. The three of us decided on shooting their engagement session in Tacoma at a local park and beach.

I woke up the morning of their Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session and checked the weather of Tacoma & Rattlesnake. What was said to be raining all day, now is only a chance of rain when were were supposed to shoot. Well, let’s go for it!

That morning, I texted Lindsey to let her know the situation with the weather and that I felt her images would be awesome at Rattlesnake. Her and Luke agreed, and we finally ( the day of), had a location for their engagement session.

Before Lindsey and Luke arrived for their Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session, I arrived early to scout the area. I have shot at Rattlesnake Lake in the past, but it was either a blizzard out or the water was super high. This time, the water was as low as I have seen it, which made the tree stumps come out. The old stumps made for an awesome landscape and I know we made the right choice on location. I was stoked to shoot this engagement session of how this landscape was showing.

Here is a little peek into what we got into for Luke & Lindsey’s Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session…….enjoy!

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