Bryant contacted me earlier this year and he wanted to surprise Heather with a gift she would cherish forever. These two just celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary a couples months back. They were 18 when they wed and had a courthouse wedding and never had the “proper” ceremony and photographs. When Bryant reached out about going to New Zealand to renew their vows, I knew it was going to be AWESOME!!

Myself and Bryant included kept the New Zealand trip a secret from Heather until Bryant surprised her with a “hidden” New Zealand Flag in their yard. To say she was surprised is an understatement. After he revealed that they would spend their 10 year wedding anniversary in the most beautiful country in the world, he then said that I would be tagging along! Chin drop.

We spent a week traveling the south island of New Zealand, hiking and exploring together. We slept in vans in campgrounds, went days without showers, and Bryant even swam with sharks. This trip is by far one of the best adventures I have ever gone on.

Please enjoy a little peek into the few days that we spent together….