Beaver Creek Elopement

Rachel & Jeremy’s Beaver Creek Elopement was was an experienced in which I have never had. You may be asking yourself, “what was so different about this elopement?” This is the first elopement where I have had to snowboard to get to the final destination.

I’ve known Jeremy for a few years here in Fort Collins. Jeremy owns Slyce, the best pizza joint in Fort Collins. The two of us also play on the same Wednesday night softball team together. He mentioned he was getting married at one of our games last year, but he also said he didn’t want anything over the top. A beautiful, intimate elopement with just the two of them and their family members. These are my type of events.

As I started to prepare for their elopement, we set up a time to chat to go over all the final details. This is where I found out that I would need to not only bring my camera gear, but my snowboard gear as well. I haven’t been nervous for a wedding in years, but this one made me a little nervous. Was it the carrying of my gear while snowboarding or was it photographing a friends elopement. I think it was a little bit of both. Either way, I was beyond stoked to experience an elopement like this one.

Winter Elopement

As I arrived to Beaver Creek, I knew it would was going to be perfect in every way. The day before, Beaver Creek got slammed with fresh powder and on the day of their wedding, snow started to fall again. I met Jeremy at the lift and we took the lifts up to the top of the mountain. From here we snowboarded to Trappers Cabin at Beaver Creek. The clouds covered the sun and snowflakes fell from the sky, making each and every image perfect.

Rachel and Jeremy held their intimate ceremony on the back deck of trappers Cabin with all of their family in attendance. They expressed their love for each other and sealed their marriage with their first kiss.

Following the ceremony, we made our way inside to get warm, have a drink and to get ready for the trip back down the mountain. This is where is gets fun! I have never, in all my years photographing elopements, seen a bride ski down a mountain in her wedding dress. To say I was stoked to capture this is an understatement.

Do what these two did. No bridal party, no Pinterest decorations and no stress. Be like Jeremy and Rachel. ELOPE!

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