Holly and Jonny jumped on our PASSPORT Program to have an adventure vow renewal on the Lofoten Islands of Norway. These two married about a decade ago and never had those wedding images to hang on their wall.

I had a last minute opening for our Norway PASSPORT adventure when Holly reached out. I was stoked that her and Jonny would love to go on a crazy adventure, especially in an amazing place like Norway. We set up flights, dates and times and we were off.

The four of us (my wife included), traveled along the Lofoten Islands trying to find the best locations for their images. It wasn’t hard to find, considering everywhere you look is absolute beauty. After a little pizza dinner, we went out to find where they would read their vows. I knew of a mountain top that had some spectacular views, but it would include a hike.

After searching for the trail, we asked a local where to go. With the help of some local guidance, we found the trail. We packed Holly’s wedding dress in my backpack and we started up. The trail was about a mile up, straight up.

After reaching the top, we could see the amazing views that Norway has to offer, and we knew this was it. This is where these two would read their vows to each other and express their love once more. Holly and Jonny’s ceremony will go down as my favorite ceremony of all time. Not just because of the location, but because these two are absolutely perfect for each other, and you can see it when they read their vows.

Here is a little peek into our adventure. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do!

Congratulations to you Holly and Jonny! I am beyond humbled that you guys chose me to capture this special moment.


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